Sunday, 18 March 2012

Good stuff

Good stuff this weekend...

Photo via The Guardian

This article about punk rock in repressive states in The Guardian yesterday was an amazing read.  The writer does dismiss Riot Grrrl as a "fleeting genre" and "overlooked" - erm, not round my house, mate - but otherwise it was a fascinating and humbling insight into how alternative and punk cultures can flourish even in the most repressive regimes.  My favourite line, which made me smile and cry at the same time: "many of their gigs are organised by a local punk impresario called Ko Nyan: his founding place in Burmese punk culture was sparked when he found a magazine featuring the Sex Pistols in a bin behind Rangoon's British embassy." 

I went to see Martha Marcy May Marlene this afternoon and loved the insidiously sinister atmosphere.  My attention was rapt for the full two hours, which is really saying something (I am the worst for fidgeting and wishing films would hurry up), and Elizabeth Olsen's performance as the titular Martha, on the run from a dangerously charismatic, Manson-like cult leader, was superb.

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