Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bring me sunshine

Photo via weheartit

The lovely Laura from Make Do and Mend has given me my very first blogger award: the Sunshine Award.  Thanks Laura!  I have also just had some other excellent news, which I will share later this weekend.  But as for the award, it is meant to recognise positive, creative and inspiring bloggers: what a nice idea.  As part of the award there are 10 questions to post, so here are my answers:

Favourite colour: Blue: from shades of teal blue in my spare room, to baby blue in my kitchen, to lots of navy in my wardrobe, it's such a versatile colour.
Favourite animal: I am not really an animal person (too neurotic and convinced that they will bite/scratch/attack me), but I do like cats... to which I'm allergic.
Favourite non alcoholic drink: Tea.
Facebook or twitter: Facebook.
Getting or giving presents: Giving.  I love buying and making things that will make my loved ones smile.
Favourite flower: Daffodil.  They are such a happy flower, heralding the return of spring with their sunny yellow colour.
Favourite pattern: Polka dots.
Passion: travelling, reading, and music: I'm happiest while on a train, listening to my iPod and reading a book.
Favourite number: 19
The five blogs I want to pass the award on to are (rips envelope open...) Jenny Just Stuff, Using My Loaf, Says Ingrid, What Hannah Read and Pretty Much Penniless.


  1. I love a train journey, gazing out the window... Also, hi! I've just found you via Laura.

    1. Hi, nice to 'meet' you! I do love train journeys, travelling across America by train last summer was pretty much my idea of nirvana.