Thursday 26 December 2013

Thrifty gift swap #7

One of many who managed to save their parcels until Christmas Day, here is Sharon from Sunshine & Celandines to tell us about her parcel...

Thanks very much for organising the Thrifty Christmas gift swap. I really enjoyed participating and the parcel I received from Leanne was just gorgeous. I managed to save it to open on Christmas day....with some reluctance I must say. Leanne must have done her homework as the prezzies she sent were all very me.
There were a couple of lovely decorations for my tree which are now adorning said tree of course.
A pretty wooden heart with the words Sunshine Always Follows the Rain inscribed on it.
A really useful little wooden make up mirror which will come in very useful on my summer camping trips. :)

A retro Drumstick lolly scented car air freshener which actually does smell like a real drumstick lolly.

A couple of cute coasters which say Cake Cake We Want More Cake on them. Yes my weakness is certainly cake!

A darling little Alice In Wonderland badge which I wore on Christmas Day. :)

Continuing with the Alice theme, an amazing Alice animation negative framed print. This is so thoughtful as for my birthday this year I had a Alice themed/vintage tea party. :)

Leanne also sent me a very cute handmade card which I love. 

All in all I was thoroughly spoiled and I must say Leanne's parcel was my favorite one to open on Christmas day. Thank you Leanne and thanks Janet. x :)


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