Saturday, 14 December 2013

Thrifty gift swap #2

And the second thrifty gift swap parcel to arrive is Ellen's.  Her giver, Kate, has excelled herself: what a fabulous box of goodies!
Oh my goodness me.

I've been sent the biggest box and it's all absolutely adorable with some crazy coincidences too! Firstly the card, look at the little robin with the feet print! (1st coincidence- I've done the same robin design .... mine are not so cute with the boy's now massive feet).  The second coincidence is the penny farthing mug... not very long (ok ages) ago when I lived at home we were in a vintage bike club. The kids saw this mug and said ' oh it's the same bike as Granddad's ' Attached to the mug is a bike hire voucher for some time in a nature reserve which I'm sure the kids are going to love! (and myself and Dave )

There is a jar full of biscuitty ingredients and my favourite flavours with a Christmas tree cutter ! I cannot wait to use these!

Some homemade bath melt powder that smells absolutely divine and I'm itching for a bath as we speak.

A pretty scarf that sparkles like the snow, which is knitted by Kate's husband's Nana. How utterly kind ?!

The most lovely green bag (I've used it straight away to put my gig words in for tonight's show)

And finally, the one that nearly had me in tears a framed print of words from my Egg Ladies band page. I adore it. And it's pink, like my hair and the band name.

Kate you have been so busy and I'm absolutely bowled over by your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much and I hope you and the family have a lovely Christmas as well as you, Janet and the rest of the Christmas gift swappers... (I just hope mine is received and liked as much as this now!)

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