Wednesday 18 December 2013

Thrifty gift swap #5

A gift swap box for Kate this morning, sent by Sharon of  Sunshine & Celandines.
I normally only bother collecting stuff from the delivery office if I am already out that way, as getting Delilah ready is rather long winded - however I was too excited to wait, so we got bundled up and made a special trip this morning.
The first thing I noticed was the amazing smell; which turned out to be a lovely little candle in a tea cup. I plan to burn it tonight to get me in the festive spirit whilst wrapping. It is my favorite item in the box!
I loved the fact that everything was individually wrapped. It made it really exciting for Delilah and kept her amused. so that I could enjoy opening my bit and bobs. There was so much in it!

I also got two lovely brooches - both of which will get plenty of use over the festive period. I recently out my rather tacky Christmas brooch through the wash, so this Christmas pud is a much classier replacement. The gold one is just gorgeous and perfect for my Bond themed party plans

I loved the dove tree decoration and it feeds my compulsion to add more and more to the tree each year. 
To my shame I have never read the book "Breakfast at Tiffany's", I have only seen the film and I now have no excuse!
Thanks Sharon for all the gifts and very pretty card - I feel spoiled. All things I would have brought for myself (and then felt guilty about buying!).  This gift swap has just been so much fun and you are a star for organizing it.
My pleasure Kate!


  1. oooh so glad she liked everything. the photo's look marvelous! Feeling a bit guilty now that I am saving my box for Christmas day.I think it will be my favourite present to open though! :)x

    1. Seems like you did a great job - thanks again for taking part!