Monday 23 December 2013

Thrifty gift swap #6

There were over twenty people taking part in this year's gift swap and hopefully all of those parcels are now safely with their owners.  You can read about Nik's parcel on her blog, and Louisa's here.  Meanwhile, Leanne and Charlotte have both kindly sent photos of theirs...

It arrived and I love it! I received from Duck In A Dress (Louisa)...
Lots of sweets and a cracker,
Some card making items,
A Christmas tree bubble bath,
Some perfume,
Some festive bunting,
And a Christmas CD with a list of why she chose each track!
Amazing! Thank you!
And Charlotte has this to say about her gifts...
I received my gift last Friday,  when my neighbour brought it out to me as we got in the car to go away for the night, so I popped it in the house and left it for my return.  When I got back on Saturday I couldn't wait to see what treats were inside.
First I was greeted by a bunch of merry Christmas magnets, tissue paper, polystyrene and sparkly gold stars, all of which added to the excitement!  Inside there was a magazine, Oh Comely, I have only ever heard about this on Janet's blog so I am really excited to see what its all about!  
Then there was a copy of my givers favourite book, which fits perfectly with one of my new years resolutions, to read more! I was super excited about the homemade Christmas CD as I love having Christmas tunes on when you're doing those Christmassy tasks, and I was intrested in see what my giver had chosen to put on it,  but unfortunately when we came to play it,  it didn't work:-(
One of my favourite parts of my gift was the china plate. I have a massive collection of different one's and was very excited to add a new one to the collection.  I also received some other bits and bobs to make my thrifty box complete!  With thanks to my giver!

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