Tuesday 17 December 2013

Thrifty gift swap #4

My thrifty gift swap parcel arrived over a week ago, but I had been hoarding it to enjoy the anticipation (I do this at birthdays too, typically keeping my gifts until the end of the day so I can enjoy the delayed gratification).  But seeing posts popping up on other blogs (you can read about Em's parcel here), and receiving the first few photographs to post on this blog, made me desperate to open the package.

Liz from Distract Me Now Please was my giver, and what a fabulous job she did!  From the moment I opened the box and saw everything wrapped up in maps, I knew she'd done her homework.  The first thing to be unwrapped was a sweet little vintage-patterned tin bird, who will be hung in my kitchen.  Secondly, a box of Roiboos tea, which I love!  Next, two beaded necklaces which, unless I'm mistaken, are African in origin.  Then out came a (handmade?) navy polka dot hairbow, which is very me.  And finally two books, which I can't wait to get reading.  It was a selection that someone who knew me very well would put together, so I was extra impressed to receive it from someone I've only ever 'met' on the internet.


  1. Aw, I'm really glad you liked it so much! You're guesses weren't too far off... I made the necklaces, and the hairbow was handmade, but not by me! Xxx

  2. Looks like a lovely package! You're not alone, I always keep my birthday presents til the end of the day as well! :-) x