Sunday, 11 October 2015

What I Bought: Ladybird Likes Goodie Bag

I've been furiously saving Ladybird Likes pieces onto my Etsy wishlist for years now. I first came across Zoe's wonderful jewellery designs when I was looking for a gift for my aunt, subsequently picked up a few goodies for myself at the Bust Craftacular last winter, before being given one of her banner necklaces for Christmas, which I wear a lot.

Zoe's had a rubbish year between one thing and another, and so to raise some cash she recently held a flash sale of goodie bags on Etsy. Having previously missed out on every flash sale she's ever held - despite setting phone reminders - I was determined not to let this chance go. Luckily, I got there just as the sale went live and snapped one up, conveniently forgetting that I'm just about the worst person ever to buy a goodie bag.

Why? Because I'm incorrigibly fussy: I like what I like and nothing else. This is why monthly subscription packages such as Birch Box or Lucky Box would be terrible for me. I don't like surprises and I have very narrow parameters for what I'll wear.

So how lucky am I that I loved a good proportion of my goodie bag!

To start with, the packaging was just amazing. Each item was tucked into an individual pouch, and the order came with some super cute postcards and a badge.

When I started opening the packages, first out was the cutest camera necklace, followed swiftly by a bird brooch. We all know how I feel about bird-print anything, so I was very happy. Next up was my favourite item: a gorgeous butterfly necklace. The colours on this are just stunning and it will be a great addition to my already huge collection of necklaces.

The only disappointment was, ironically enough, the item I'd most hoped to get. I love Ladybird Likes collar clips and had been pining over a pair of the heart-shaped ones for ages. But sadly, my collar clips came in the shape of pug dogs. I am emphatically not a dog person and so, although I know many people would love these, they're just not for me (if anyone is a dog person and would like to do a collar clip swap, hit me up in the comments. I'd like them to go to a good home!).

However, for a cost of just £25 I received well over £60 worth of items, so I'm extremely happy. At the time of writing there still seemed to be some Goodie Bags available on Etsy, so if you rush you might be able to grab one.

This is not a sponsored post. I just really love Ladybird Likes and I think independent designers and makers deserve our support.