Monday, 5 October 2015

The Buyer's Archive: September

Earlier this year Elise started a series called The Buyer's Archive as a way to track her purchases from year to year and figure out which items had been worth it, and which had already found their way to the charity bag (Donna and Steff are also now taking part in the series). As reducing my spending is always a goal, I decided to give it a go too, and this is what I've spent my cash on this month...

Seasalt raincoat £79.95 (after £10 off code)
I bought a yellow mac from M&S just before our holiday this summer but wasn't ever totally happy with the lining on it. So it developing a faulty zip was a happy accident, enabling me to return it and buy the real object of my affections: this spectacular Seasalt raincoat with (what else?) stripy lining.

Dorothy Perkins skirt £19.20 (after 20% off code applied)
I've been ordering, trying on and returning 70s-style button-front skirts for the past eight months (I only wish I was exaggerating) and hadn't found one that a) fit and b) looked ok. So I was dead chuffed to find this one in Dorothy Perkins during one of their seemingly-permanent discount offers. I've chopped the bottom off (because I'm tiny, and I prefer short skirts) and it should now be a good autumn staple with tights, chunky Mary Janes and tucked-in tops.

La Redoute top £9 (with 50% discount code)
This top was so close to being completely perfect but alas, it's just a bit too short on me (and bearing in mind I'm only 5'2", that's quite an achievement). As a result, it gives me quite a significant VBO (visible belly outline), which is one body acceptance goal I haven't reached yet. If it hadn't been a mere £9 I'd probably have returned it, and considering black dye ran into the collar the first time I washed it, I still might, but... collar!

Every winter I bemoan the fact that I don't own a pair of boots and every winter, I fail to find a pair I can tolerate. I like these because they give me a much-needed couple of inches in height, while still being pretty comfortable. They'll look good with my many print dresses and if, just perhaps, I'm too old for them (I really think I might be) then sod that, I'll wear them anyway.

I'm getting to the point where I won't buy something unless I have a discount code. That, combined with some tricksy shopping mathematics (I'm deducting the £60 I was refunded by M&S from this month's total, because if I hadn't got that, I wouldn't have bought the Seasalt coat) gives me a grand total of £73.14 for September. Considering I usually go shopping crazy when the new season stuff hits the shops, that's not too bad.