Friday, 30 October 2015

And The Prize For Guy Who's Put Up With Me For 3 Years Goes To....

... this handsome fellow (seen here making me laugh so I snort cider out my nose, like the classy broad I am)!

Three years ago yesterday, the 29th October 2012, I met Thomas for the first time.

We'd been chatting online and he seemed pretty nice, so we arranged to meet for a drink. I almost cancelled, struck by anxiety and first date nerves, but instead I got on the bus and headed into town.

I found a table at the back of the pub (I'd arrived early, of course), got myself a pint, and sat and read while I waited. A few minutes later a man - who was much taller than I'd expected, bearded, and wearing a truly horrible green coat - came over and introduced himself as Thomas. As he walked to the bar to get himself a drink, I clearly remember one word flashing through my mind: "Finally."

The last three years have, hands down, been the best of my life. We've travelled and had adventures; we've hung out together, cosy and quiet, at home. But wherever we are and whatever we're doing, I always have the most fun with him. He is kind, patient and calm. He supports me entirely, and I him. We've been through a long distance relationship, periods of ill health, and the completion of his PhD, and we've come through all of it as strong as we ever were, if not more so. I know I'm biased, but I also think he's just about the cutest thing to walk the earth (yes, Thomas, even cuter than Ellen Page).

There's a Father John Misty song that we both love which has a line that goes, "Darling, I love you as you are when we're alone/I'd never try to change you." Although the rest of that song's lyrics are entirely apt, the second part of that line always makes us smile. I have tried to change him: the green jacket, for example, was quick to go, followed by a musical education to try and steer him away from an entirely Springsteen and Meatloaf-based diet (the fact we both love Father John Misty indicates I've succeeded here). And yes, I'm also guilty of encouraging the checked shirts and the longer beard. But his essence remains; the softly-spoken guy I first met three years ago. And he's changed me too: I'm a better, stronger, more confident person thanks to his love. 

I didn't get this post written and published last night because, well, we were celebrating rather than sitting at laptops! We spent our anniversary eating delicious pizza and making each other laugh, before going to the pub where we first met for a pint. It was perfectly 'us': a low key night doing our favourite things (eating & drinking!). 

Three years together, and many more to come. Here's to the future, dude!