Friday, 9 October 2015

Good Stuff: Links & Likes

I was really excited to be asked to be part of Suzy & Beth's new project. The Olive Fox is an awesome one-stop shop for style, discussion, culture and more. My first piece for them was on a topic very close to my heart: why #Shoutyourabortion is so important.

I'll definitely be borrowing some of Bee's 100 Book Blog Post Ideas.

Blogging has changed enormously in the past couple of years and it's easy to feel disenchanted with how mainstream and commercialised a lot of it has become, so I enjoyed Elizabeth's piece asking, Is There Any Point Blogging Anymore?

I loved Sarah's response to snobbish literary critics: Why You Should Read What You Want.

There was a great piece on the Suffragettes in the Guardian Review recently, ahead of the film's release. Well worth a read.

I took part in Alex's Blogging Good Read for September (and chose a stinker of a book - sorry about that Alex and Gemma!)

More book-related stuff: I loved this easy craft to make a jewellry holder out of a damaged book (plus I love Stevie's expletive-laden writing, it always makes me smile).