Thursday, 10 September 2015

What I Wore: Vintage 80s Style

Although the sun has deigned to show its face today, overall the summer's been pretty rubbish, weather-wise. However, here's evidence that we did have some nice weather this summer. I wore this outfit in the school holidays for a sunny Saturday bike ride followed by a picnic. I can't say a pair of wood-heeled sandals were ideal bike-riding attire, especially considering we returned home via the pub (where I had one too many ciders), but they look pretty so *shrugs*.

There's a story behind my purchase of this vintage madras-check skirt, though. When I was a kid, my family was friends with a couple called David and Sue and I basically idolised Sue. She was our piano teacher, and the leader of the choir at church in which I sang, and they lived in the most beautiful cottage with a huge garden, while we lived in a standard semi-detached on an estate. Sue wore fashionable clothes, things that had clearly been bought brand new, while ours - my mum's included - were cobbled together from jumble sale finds and hand-me-downs (of course, now I know that jumble sale finds are the best thing ever, but when you're 10 it's hard to understand that line of thinking). And I very clearly remember Sue wearing a madras check skirt exactly like this one, and thinking she was the coolest person ever.

So of course, when I was browsing in a vintage store a few months ago, it was a given that the madras check midi skirt would be coming home with me. My attempt at shortening it perhaps took a tad too much off - I don't think the new length is exactly right on my proportions - but it's otherwise really comfortable and fun to wear. And look, pockets!

* Skirt: Vintage * T-shirt: H&M * Tote bag: Ella Masters Studio *
* Belt: Peacocks (old) * Clog sandals: TK Maxx *