Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Big News!

I think it's obvious to anyone who reads this blog or follows me on social media that I've not been too happy in my job for a while now. As I explained last week, I love a lot about teaching, but at the moment there's far more I dislike.

So I'm super excited to share the news that I have a new job! Starting in October, I'll be the new Book Selections Manager for the Willoughby Book Club, a really wonderful local business that pioneered the 'books by post' subscription model. Yes, you read that right: my job will basically be choosing books. Doesn't that sound perfect?!

At least to begin with I'll be continuing my job at school, too, so I have to warn you that my already sporadic blogging schedule will no doubt become even more so. I'm feeling somewhat daunted by the thought of working two jobs at once, fitting my WBC hours around my time off from school (thank god for my Tuesday's off!). But I'm incredibly excited to be working for a small business I feel passionately about, and to experience life outside the classroom for the first time in over a decade.

And just in case that wasn't enough change and excitement in our house, Thomas has only gone and got himself employed as a Teaching Fellow! Considering the post-PhD job market for academics is pretty dire, to find a job that begins the day after he submits his thesis - and at the university here in Leicester too - is an absolute result.

Our new roles are both part-time, so once I reduce my hours at school (or leave entirely, as a hideous day today has made me very tempted to do) our finances are going to be really stretched. After the luxury of not really having to worry about money for the past few years it's this challenge that I'm most apprehensive about. I really believe, though, that this is for the best when it comes to my quality of life.

Change is scary, and I'm definitely daunted by what lies ahead of us. But, far more than that, I'm thrilled and excited that things have fallen into place so nicely. Thank you all so much for your kind comments here, and to everyone who's provided me with advice via Twitter or email, too. Here's to the future!