Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Buyer's Archive: August

Earlier this year Elise started a series called The Buyer's Archive as a way to track her purchases from year to year and figure out which items had been worth it, and which had already found their way to the charity bag (Donna and Steff are also now taking part in the series). As reducing my spending is always a goal, I decided to give it a go too. But let's not mention the fact that I don't seem to have reduced my spending at all since I started and move onto the purchases....

Salt Water sandals, Office £41.25 with 25% off voucher
I've wanted a pair of these since last summer and finally decided to take the plunge after finding a 25% off code. Of course, since I bought them the weather's been shocking, but fingers crossed I'll get plenty of wear out of them next summer if not this.

Flower necklace, Layla Amber via Hawksbys £19.50
Because how on earth could I not buy such a beautiful piece?!

Striped chambray dress, Gap £22.99
This purchase was entirely the fault of Jo (of Oh Hello Jo), who featured it in a post. Yep, entirely her fault, not my decision at all. I've already worn it quite a lot (in the brief moments when the weather hasn't been freezing, anyway) so I reckon it will turn out to be a good investment.

Ok, so let's talk addiction. My name is Janet and I have a problem: I cannot stop buying navy blue clothes. And if the item in question has polka dots or stripes (or perhaps a twee print)? No chance I can resist. Seriously, take a look at my last few buyer's archive posts: navy blue after navy blue, with the occasional pop of black (can one have a 'pop' of black?). I'm willing to admit that I have a real wardrobe obsession.

Bird print skirt, H&M £10 (not online) and Striped jersey dress, Gap £25 (both bought in Canada)
I was a little bored of my clothes when we were in Montreal so picked this skirt up to wear while sight-seeing. The dress was an impulse purchase on our last day in Toronto, as I wanted something comfortable to travel in. This fit the bill nicely and should get lots of wear with tights this autumn.

Emily & Fin cloud print dress, via eBay £30
I'd been stalking this dress for ages on various websites but could never convince myself to splash out the £70 price tag. So I was thrilled to find this brand new for a fraction of that price on eBay.

Striped tee, Gap £10 (with 20% off) and black linen tee, Gap £9.99 in the sale
I ended up having to return the striped top I featured in last month's archive, as it had a hole in it, so this striped t-shirt makes a decent replacement. Meanwhile, I was in need of a good quality, oversized black t-shirt to team with skinny jeans, so I was pleased to find this one in the sale while I was picking up the striped top.

Polka dot dress, Florence & Fred via a charity shop £2.25
Bargain of the month goes to this dress, which hits all three of my obsessions: Peter Pan collars, navy blue, and polka dots. It needs a good wash and I'll probably shorten it, but I reckon this will become a regular feature of my autumn wardrobe.

Burgundy cardigan, H&M £8.99 with 10% discount code
Finally - something that's not blue or black! I've been looking for a short burgundy cardi since last winter so when this new colour was introduced to H&M's Basics range, I pounced.

Striped top, H&M £11.79 with 10% discount code
I wasn't sure whether to include this here, as I'm still umming and ahhing about whether to keep it. Do I need another striped long-sleeved top? No. Do I want this one? Yes.

Polka dot jumper, H&M £14.99 (not pictured)
I needed new jumpers because my house is colder than the grave in autumn and winter. And can you believe that I didn't actually own a polka dot jumper until now? I know, weird right.

And so my total spend for August is £206.75 for twelve items, which is a stupid amount of money but, for the amount I got, perhaps not too bad. I also made full use of discount codes this month, with very little being bought for full price. That being said, I'm definitely not proud of the fact that my spending seems to be getting worse, not better, since I started this series! I really, truly am going to stop buying so many clothes this month. Honest guv.