Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Buyer's Archive: June

Earlier this year Elise started a series called The Buyer's Archive, as a way to track her purchases from year to year and figure out which items had been worth it... and which had already found their way to the charity bag. As reducing my spending is always a goal, I decided to give it a go too.

June has been a quiet month, spending-wise. Although I had a couple of online splurges, all the items ended up being sent back. So, by the 30th, all I'd added to my wardrobe was the following:

Chunky 'wooden' clog sandals, TK Maxx £29.99
I love the look of Swedish Hasbeens and Lotta from Stockholm clogs but after a disastrous encounter last summer with Hasbeens, which left my feet bleeding and missing chunks of skin, I'd decided they weren't for me (I subsequently sold the shoes for a profit: win!). So when I tried on these sandals in TK Maxx I wasn't expecting much. However, the leather is SO soft and because the soles aren't solid wood they're much lighter than proper clogs too. I wore them at the weekend and, considering I don't wear heels, found them super comfortable. They're still available online and I'd 100% recommend them.

Polka dot shorts, charity shop £2
These are a nice light viscose, in a high-waisted 1940s style, and will be perfect for riding my bike. And compared to the navy blue pair from H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams that I've been eyeing up, they were a bargain.

Aviator sunglasses, Tesco £7
I just remembered that I also bought a pair of sunglasses last week! I love aviator-style sunglasses but my pair from last summer was looking a little worse for wear, so when I spied these while doing my weekly shop I pounced. I particularly like the fact that the lenses on these are darker than my current ones: much better for all this sunshine we're having!

My total spend for June (not counting the socks and pants I also bought this month: they seem like too much of an essential to keep a record of) was... £39.98. I was feeling pretty proud of this until I saw that Elise had only spent £10