Saturday, 11 July 2015


Lately, I've been...

Feeling pretty bad, in all honestly. My anxiety levels are sky-high at the moment, so I'm stressing out about everything from work to our trip to Canada to what to cook for dinner each night. I feel sad a lot, and demotivated, and totally uninclined to blog (hence my silence here). I'm really hoping that, now the summer holidays are here, I start to feel more like myself again.

Eating al fresco a lot of evenings, with a picnic lunch or two thrown in. We've really taken advantage of the nice weather to eat in our back garden or, on Saturdays, to take our bikes and a picnic to nearby parks for lunch. The shot on the top left is of a delicious vegan creamy spinach pasta that Thomas made a couple of weekends ago.

Making this awesome poster hanger. I love the old schoolroom look of wooden hangers but they're sooooooo expensive to buy. So instead, I used a tutorial on Wrapped Up In Rainbows (although instead of £££ balsa wood I used cheap wooden trim from B&Q) to make my own from which to hang this repro vintage map poster from Paperchase.

Wearing all my favourite summer outfits, of which I have tons compared to winter clothes (when I basically wear the same three things over and over again). When you live in England, that's totally the wrong way round to do it but hey. I'm particularly into the skirt/t-shirt combo at the moment, and was extremely chuffed to find that my vintage madras skirt coincidentally matches our picnic rug perfectly.

Getting awesome post courtesy of Rebs, who sent me an ace snail mail/crafty kit, and also from my #PostCircle buddies, Debbie and Gill, who both sent me some ace birthday goodies. I love getting post: if anyone wants to swap addresses for a snail mail exchange, let me know.

Buying a full length mirror, which means lots of outfit shots on Instagram at the moment. Also lots of books and ebooks, in preparation for a summer off work and lots of reading time. I'm looking forward to rereading How To Build A Girl and was also excited to download Mindy Kaling's book for not very many pennies.

Planning my summer! We go to Bristol tomorrow (yes, again - we're obsessed), and I also I have a little jaunt to London planned, together with a visit to Indietracks festival courtesy of Laura. And then we fly to Reykjavik at the end of July for a couple of days before travelling on to Canada - visiting Ottawa, a family reunion in rural Ontario, Montreal and Toronto in a whistle-stop ten day trip. Work has been so tough recently, so my six and a half weeks off are very much needed and well earned.