Sunday, 19 July 2015

Photo An Hour: Saturday 18th July

Yesterday was Jane and Louisa's monthly Photo An Hour, and despite having a pretty quiet Saturday planned I took part as usual. Here's how my day panned out.

I'd been awake for about 30 seconds when I took this photograph: the view from my comfy bed, with the sun streaming through the windows.

Still lazing in bed chatting with Thomas. He's working six days a week plus evenings at the moment, trying to finish the second draft of his thesis before we go on holiday, so today was a rare chance for us to hang out. At the time this photograph was taken, we were chatting about the two cats who've adopted us.

Breakfast time, and as a treat I made vegan American-style pancakes with banana and maple syrup (Thomas) or golden syrup (me).

Catching up on the news. Every Photo An Hour involves me reading the Guardian, because it's such an intrinsic part of my Saturday routine, so I tried to take a slightly different shot this time.

Taking outfit photographs in the back garden (which is actually pretty nice, although this photo makes it look a right mess). Thomas is endlessly patient with me while taking the pictures, and today we managed to get five outfits shot in less than an hour: result!

Time to get out and about in the sunshine, we rode our bikes through a nearby nature reserve and along the Great Central Way cycle path. We're so lucky that, despite living right next to the city centre, we have open green spaces just a few moments away.

We stopped for a picnic lunch next to the canal and then popped into a cute tearoom in an old lock-keepers cottage. Poor Thomas was desperate for his lunch and I was being a total blogger and stealing his food to style photographs.

Home again, and I'm spending some time setting up a belated birthday present from my mum and step-mum: a new record player.

Time for a cup of tea. On Photo An Hour day, Instagram becomes awash with tea between the hours of 4 and 5. This mug always gets a lot of love, but as it was a gift I've no idea where it came from.

Putting together a post from some of the outfit photographs from earlier today. My laptop is painfully slow at uploading photos (or maybe it's my internet at fault: either way, it drives me potty).

Cocktail time! My current tipple is vodka, mango juice and soda water.

This is a very sleepy Theodore, one of the two cats who've pretty much moved in. When this was taken Matilda, the second one, was sleeping upstairs on the landing. They spend hours at our house and we very rarely feed them, so it feels like we're getting all the benefits of cat ownership with none of the expense or hassle.

Just finished eating dinner (vegan chicken in pitta with sweet potato fries) and watching some old episodes of Happy Endings. Still gutted that this was cancelled a couple of years ago.

And, like clockwork, just as at around 4pm Instagram becomes all pictures of tea, the final image of most people's Photo An Hour is our bedtime reading. It amuses me that we're all so alike in our habits. I'm early to bed as I'm feeling exhausted for some reason, which gives me more time to read Mindy Kaling's book. I'd downloaded it to my Kindle for our holiday but couldn't resist starting it early.