Wednesday 29 July 2015

The Buyer's Archive: July

Earlier this year Elise started a series called The Buyer's Archive as a way to track her purchases from year to year and figure out which items had been worth it, and which had already found their way to the charity bag. As reducing my spending is always a goal, I decided to give it a go too.

July has followed my usual pattern of very little spending until the end of the month, when I suddenly buy all the clothes - before this weekend, all I'd spent was £30. But preparing for our trip to Iceland and Canada led to a shopping spree yesterday, when I picked up stacks of items... some I needed, some I didn't.

Striped top, H&M £12.99
Did I need this? No. But did I have a space in my wardrobe for a short-sleeved striped top? Certainly. I love stripes and this top has a lovely airy feel, perfect for summer (although not for the summer we're currently 'enjoying' in England, with torrential rain and chilly temperatures).

Floral skirt, charity shop £2.00
I've already featured this skirt in an outfit post and it's shaping up to be a favourite. Originally from Bon Marche, I found it in a local charity shop and was particularly drawn to the floral design and the buttons down the front.

Yellow raincoat, M&S £75
Eek. It actually makes me feel a bit sick to think about how much this cost. However, I'm notorious for not wearing weather-appropriate clothing if I don't feel it's cool enough (I know, I'm such a teenager) and with our visit to Iceland coming up I really needed a raincoat I'd be happy to wear. I know yellow raincoats have become something of a blogger cliche, but that didn't stop me snapping it up. It's cut really nicely, fits well, and the yellow is a darker mustard shade, which is a lot more flattering with my skin tone and hair colour. Plus, I figure a coat is the kind of item where it pays to, well, pay.

Black sandals, New Look £15.99
These sandals fill a gap in my wardrobe: I have plenty of tan sandals but no black ones. I saw someone wearing these on the train home from Bristol a few weeks ago and fell totally in love with them, so as soon as I got home I began an internet search. I was dead chuffed to discover they were not only still available, but also quite a bargain.

T-Bar shoes, Topshop £25.20 (with Thomas's student discount)
These shoes are definitely not something I needed, as they're almost identical to a pair I already own, but I loved the cute cut-out design and when I realised that they were almost sold out I decided to grab a pair.

Polka dot dress, H! By Henry Holland via eBay, £4.20
So much navy blue in this picture! I've come to accept that it's the signature colour of my wardrobe. This jersey and cotton skater dress is something I won on eBay and is yet another addition to my collection of summer dresses when what's really needed in this country is plenty of winter clothes.

Navy blue dress, Joy £24 (not online)
I found this in the sale at Joy in Bristol. Made of a lovely, heavy, lined viscose that falls beautifully, it's well cut and classic, and paired with a statement necklace and some heels, I think it will do very well for my brother's wedding this autumn.

My total for the month was therefore an eye-watering.... £159.38, with almost exactly half of that total being the raincoat.