Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What I wore: At work

Stern, "who's talking when I'm talking?" look, model's own

So, you've heard a lot about what I wear at the weekend, but what about my work wardrobe? I keep my teaching clothes completely separate from my day-to-day ones, and although on paper what I wear to work - dress, tights, cardigan - isn't much of a departure from what I wear normally, it feels very different. I call it my 'teacher drag'.

There are a few essential elements in my transformation from Janet - tattooed wearer of clothes arguably designed for those twenty years my junior - to Ms Brown - respectable teacher of English to the teenagers of south Leicestershire. Firstly, a pair of heels. That they're comfortable enough to wear all day but high enough to give me an extra inch or two is crucial when dealing with recalcitrant teenage boys, who would otherwise tower over me. Next, a smart dress with a high neckline. I learnt this the hard way, by inadvertently flashing my bra to a riveted year 9 class (I assumed they were deeply moved by my lecture on Shakespeare's use of iambic pentameter; it was a sad moment when I realised they were actually just staring very hard at my chest). Finally, a cardigan to cover said tattoo and assorted scars. This last element can make summer an agony.

This dress was an absolute star buy over the summer: the neckline is nice and high, the floral pattern bright and cheerful, and the cinched waist and pleating on the skirt incredibly flattering to my shape. It makes me feel professional, in control and comfortable, the last of which being particularly important when you're spending all day on your feet at the front of a classroom.

* Dress: F&F at Tesco * Cardigan: H&M * Shoes: Clarks outlet store *