Thursday, 2 October 2014

A trip to the Botanic Gardens

Saturday was one of those weirdly hot, muggy, cloudy days we seem to be having a lot of lately. It's like the weather hasn't got the memo about it being almost October but instead of nice sunny days, we're getting the worst kind of summer weather. The forecast had promised some lovely sunshine so we'd packed a picnic and made plans to visit the annual Sculpture in the Garden exhibition at Leicester's Botanic Gardens. When the day dawned overcast and grey, we decided to stick to our plans and off to Oadby we went.

We've been talking about visiting the gardens all summer and in a way it's a shame we waited so long, as the majority of the plants are past their flowering now. But the sunflowers were still spectacular and I enjoyed crunching through the autumn leaves.

The Sculpture in the Garden show runs every year from June until October and features a wide range of art. I love the way in which the natural surroundings of the garden blends with the sculpture; sometimes very literally, as with this spider web.


  1. This place looks so cool, I love that last sculpture :)

    1. It's a really beautiful garden and the sculptures make it even more fun to visit. Next year I want to go when the flowers are in full bloom.

    2. Oh I love parks and gardens like these - you've reminded me of how little I've been in the Botanics in Edinburgh recently!

    3. Botanic garden is great - an oasis next to Asda! I love the cafe too, although it's only open when the students are away. I took a few photos and wrote about it on my blog last summer

  2. Oh wow, what lovely photos. I'd love to visit.