Tuesday 21 October 2014

Sign up for the Thrifty Christmas Gift Swap!

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It feels like I've been away from blogging for ages, not just a week. First I had a chest infection that would just not shift (I've still got a rather fetching hacking cough), then I spent a long weekend on holiday in Norfolk. But now I'm BACK and ready to talk about Christmas.

What do you mean, it's too early to think about Christmas?!  By this time in October I have already begun making notes and lists, and the present buying is well underway.  I'm starting to dig out last year's decorations and thinking about what to use this year, and the temptation to begin listening to Sufjan Stevens' Christmas albums is building (every year I try - and fail - to hold off until December 1st).

Last Christmas was the second year that I ran the Thrifty Christmas Gift Swap, and it was great to have lots of participants making and thrifting cool gifts for each other.

I had so much fun picking out my gifts last year (I ended up giving a map-covered letter R, a book about Yorkshire Christmas traditions - my giftee lived in God's Own County -, a teacup candle, a mulling sachet for cider or wine, a book-themed tote bag, and a handmade Christmas decoration), and even more fun awaiting the arrival of my own box.

I'd love to run it again, and only need a handful of participants to make it work. Crucially, you do not need to be a blogger to take part: last year was about a 50/50 split between bloggers and non-bloggers. So, if you're interested, have a gander at the rules below and then contact me on the email address below to sign up.  (And if you're a blogger or on Twitter, feel free to reblog or retweet this post to spread the word!)

The Rules
1. Send your name, address, blog address (if you have one) and a couple of lines about yourself to jbistheinitial@gmail.com by November 17th.
2. Wait to receive the details of your swapee (to be sent out by November 24th).
3. Put together a box of thrifted, handmade or secondhand goodies that you think your recipient will love.  Last year, gifts ranged from framed animation strips from the giftees favourite film, to Christmas mix CDs, to handmade brooches, to secondhand books. As a general rule, I'd say to limit yourself to around a £10 spend.
4. Pop your parcel in the post by December 10th (although try and be a bit more prompt if sending overseas).
5. Sit back and wait to receive your own box of delights from a mystery giver!


  1. This may well make Xmas bearable! Hooray!

  2. Ooh I'm pretty busy but that's no excuse as aren't we all! Count me in!

  3. I enjoyed it last time so would love to sign up again

  4. Just sent you an email! I'm signing up again and if it's okay, the other (better) half would like to sign up as well :-) xx

  5. I'm so tempted to do this! Normally I avoid Christmas stuff like the plague, but I think I could get on board with this. Will let you know soon....