Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Seen & heard: June


I've seen hardly any films this month; but as I've also not read a great deal I really don't know what I spent the time doing!  I suppose two weekends with family and a week camping knocked me off my usual watching and reading schedule.

1. Kenneth Brannagh's 1993 version of Much Ado About Nothing is another of my favourites, so Joss Whedon's new film was always going to have some work to do to live up to it. It didn't quite succeed, but Shakespeare's funniest play is always a joy to watch and the sparkling dialogue of Beatrice and Benedick was very well done here. Filmed over the course of one weekend, in Whedon's own house, in black and white, it belies it's low budget roots as an accomplished and very enjoyable two hours.

2. I wanted to introduce The Boy to one of my favourite films, The Station Agent, so we watched it together at the start of June. When loner and train buff Finn (Peter Dinklage) inherits a disused station, he finds his self-imposed isolation encroached upon by his new neighbours. The film manages to be both heart-warming and bleak at the same time, and is well worth a watch if you've never seen it (or indeed, if you have).

3. I also went to see the Leicester Amateur Operatic Society's performance of The Wedding Singer (yep, the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore film has been adapted for the stage).  We're lucky in Leicester to have such a good amateur society; they really are about as good as you can get without watching professionals, and I loved the show.  If you have a local performing society near you, do try and support them.


I'm totally head over heels for this new single by American 'chillwave' artist Washed Out.  Called It All Feels Right, it's the most gloriously drowsy, summery slice of pop music.  Enjoy!

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