Monday, 29 July 2013

Adventures in Brussels part 2: Comic strip trail

My favourite thing to see in Brussels was the comic strip trail, which my kind friend Kate had alerted me to in a long and detailed email about what to see and do in the city.
The trail is made up of more than fifty comic murals painted onto the sides of buildings and takes you through some of the more hidden corners of the city centre.  Many famous comic artists are from or linked to Brussels - most famously Herge of Tintin fame - and there is a good comic strip museum in the town too, but I liked the adventure of discovering the murals while wandering the streets and seeing the sights. 
Appropriately, this Tintin fire escape mural was my favourite, but I loved the fireworks one too.  In fact, they were all fascinating.  I particularly liked how the murals interacted with their environment (for example, the fire escape leading down from a tall building).  I think the bottom one is just random graffitti rather than actually being part of the trail, but I liked it anyway.



  1. Oh wow they're amazing! That Tintin escape ladder one is boggling my mind a little bit.

    1. They're so good. I loved the excitement of rounding a corner, never knowing what scene would greet me next.