Monday, 29 July 2013

Adventures in Brussels

After an epic ten day trip which took me to Brussels and then all over the Netherlands, I'm finally back at my kitchen table with a camera full of photographs to show you, so prepare to be bombarded with posts over the next few days!
Last Friday eleven of us set off for Brussels for my best friend's hen do.  Myself and the other bridesmaid, Steph, had had a blast organising it and were pleased that everything went swimmingly (well, apart from the small matter of me inadvertantly locking three other girls out of the apartment on the first night). 

Start as you mean to go on: champagne on the Eurostar (unintentionally blurry photograph, which I love because it's a good representation of our states of mind for much of the weekend!).

Looking confused by the Mannekin Pis in Brussels. The bride-to-be, Cara, is the one in the centre, going "what the fuck?". I am on the left in stripes (photo taken by Steph).

Pretty confetti in the Grand Place (below), where we wandered around in awe at the stunning buildings and thanked god we were not one of the other handful of hen parties, all of whom were going the full 'fancy dress and humiliate the bride' hog.

Awesome street art outside a record store.  I loved the stencilled song lyrics.

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