Thursday, 4 April 2013

What I did on my holidays

Only a few more days of the Easter holidays to go... it has been a weird (but good) break, not really like spring at all due to the weather.  The Boy arrives for a visit later this evening (eep - so excited!), so I have - unusually - been wishing away my days off, just wanting the time to hurry up so I can see him.
So what have I done on my holidays?  I've seen friends, read a lot, slept a lot, gone to the gym a lot, visited family.  I have baked and shopped (a slightly ridiculous amount, actually).  Gardened and cleaned (rather less than I have shopped).  Blogged and planned.  I also had a lovely day out in Nottingham with L, culminating in a visit to the Playhouse for a performance of I Was A Rat, a really wonderful play (based on the book by Phillip Pullman) full of music, dancing, comedy and just the right amount of sentimentality.

1. & 2. Extremely snowy walk in Denby Dale during a trip to Yorkshire to visit the family;
3. Raspberry cupcakes;
4. Tree with blossom and snow: just plain wrong.

5. Lovely new bed linen on my admittedly overly girly, pink bed;
6. I Was A Rat at Nottingham Playhouse (thanks to Laura, who sorted us out with free tickets for the press night);
7. The perfect afternoon during school holidays: a pint of cider in the pub, with a book about Riot Grrrl to while away the hours;
8. Gorgeous new brogues from Clarks, which I don't quite dare to wear outside for fear of ruining them.


  1. Love the new shoes, I need some similar ones! And so glad you enjoyed I Was a Rat! Enjoy the rest of your holiday.x

    1. I loved it - thanks again for the tickets :)

  2. I've had my eye on those shoes for a while! The most perfect brogues are for sale in Russel & Bromley but they're £160 = no. Good call on Clarks.

    1. As much as I am coming round to the idea of spending money on things that will last, £160 is definitely not on the cards.