Thursday, 25 April 2013


DREAMING about the wonderful weekend I had in Paris, and hoping that the time passes quickly between now and my next trip... going to the Netherlands for May Day weekend.

WISHING that work stresses would disappear... not likely, I know; stress is kind of par for the course when you're a teacher (and bloody Gove is not making things any easier with his relentless barrage of criticism and dumb ideas).  But still, I would sometimes like to have a job I could just walk away from at 5pm.

FEELING incredibly tired (see above!), which means I'm not going to the gym as much, which I think then makes me feel even worse.  It's a vicious circle but I am so worn out at the moment, all I want to do is sleep, read and eat.

BUYING really silly amounts of clothes, which I then proceed to send back when they turn out to fit weirdly/be badly made.  Damn you internet shopping!  I'm excitedly waiting to receive this lovely floral top in the post tomorrow, but am betting that it too turns out to be a disappointment.

WEARING layers, but still always being too hot (if I wear my coat) or too cold (when I leave it at home).  I find dressing for spring and autumn incredibly difficult: I'm much happier in either properly cold or properly hot weather.

EATING homemade guacamole (using this recipe, amended slightly as there's really no need for 3 avocados and 4 chillies, trust me).  Shop-bought guacamole tends not to be vegan, so The Boy and I have got into the habit of whipping up a batch whenever we make Mexican food.  And now I'm so obsessed with its chilli-y, lime-y deliciousness that I make it about once a week.

READING a lot; and not just trashy crime fiction, which makes a change!  I finally feel like I'm getting my reading mojo back after months of not doing much reading at all.  Although I still haven't started on this month's book for my reading group, and the meeting is on Tuesday... oops. 

WATCHING Happy Endings, as E4 are showing season 2 every night.  Other than that, though, not very much.  I'm finding my ability to concentrate on anything longer than 30 minutes is severely compromised at the moment.

MAKING not very much at all, because I'm completely lacking motivation, but I want to get started on my long 'to-do' list.  I'm wondering if another Week of Making is in order, to get myself back into creative mode.

PLANNING all sorts of wedding-related things (not my own, calm down!).  I am being bridesmaid for my best friend, Cara, in August, and am starting to get excited about it.  Of course, we also have the hen do (in Brussels) to think about, and my fellow bridesmaid and I are starting to plan some fun surprises for the bride.  And as if that's not enough, The Boy's friend and bandmate is getting married in July, so we are full of plans for the trip to Macedonia for his nuptials.


  1. I loved your Week of Making, you totally inspired me! I seem to be going thru a no TV phase too, although I'll watch about ten films in two days and then nothing for a week - gotta fix the balance! :)

    1. I really need to do another one and get back into the making thing - although I did make a cushion cover yesterday, so small steps...