Thursday, 18 April 2013

Record Store Day lust list

My current - ok, my permanent - Etsy obsession is prints and pictures.  Oh to have the money (and the wall space) to buy everything in my Favourites list!  I have to admit that if - with the hundreds of thousands of amazing options out there - you still default to a framed Ikea print on your wall, then I will judge you.  Stuck for inspiration?  How about one of these musical artworks, in honour of Saturday's Record Store Day.

This amazing The Queen Is Dead print combines two of my favourite things: music and books.  Also available for most of the other Smiths' albums, as well as Joy Division, Kraftwerk and others, but it's this one that's going to the top of my birthday list.  And it's just £12.50: bargain!

Personalised music lyrics prints. I can't quite decide what I would want - Rocket by Smashing Pumpkins maybe? - although it would definitely not be Lana del Rey, like this one.

I love all three of these Riot Grrrl prints, but my favourite has to be the, 'Riot not quiet' one. Revolution girl style now! 

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