Monday, 25 March 2013

What makes me happy

Two of my favourite bloggers, Sarah and Laura, both did 'What makes me happy' lists recently and so, as I often do, I am copying them taking inspiration from them!

1. Daffodils; nodding in the wind, in a vase in my kitchen... wherever they are, their sunny yellow cheeriness never fails to make me smile.
2. Curling up in my huge armchair with the fire lit and a good crime novel on my lap.
3. Arranging trips to visit friends.  London this weekend was fab, hopefully I'll make it to Manchester over the bank holiday, and Norfolk is on my list too.
4. Driving the last few miles on the M62 to see my mum.
5. Seeing my niece's eyes light up at the mention of anything Harry Potter-related.
6. Pupils who say "thank you" when I put a worksheet on their desk.
7. Custard donuts.  So bad, yet so very good.
8. The moment when I see The Boy across a crowded train station/airport.
9. Waking up on the first morning of a school holiday.
10. Secondhand bookshops.
11. Getting email notification of a new comment here; I read and appreciate every single one (and speaking of which, do read Louise's great post about blog commenting).
12. Speaking to my dad on the phone, or getting an email from my mum.
13. When a pupil wishes me a happy weekend or says thank you for a lesson (this happens more than you would think; I teach some absolute sweeties in amongst the horrors).
14. Hearing that song, the one I love above all other at that moment in time, on the radio.  What gets me squealing at the moment?  Still One Direction I'm afraid!
15. Receiving an unexpected letter from a friend. 
16. Finding an unexpectedly perfect dress.  My latest, a simple black number from H&M, makes me happy every time I put it on.
17. Fairy lights.
18. Having my back stroked (maybe I was a cat in a former life).
19. Feeling the warm sun on my face.
20. Getting into a bed made with freshly washed linen.


  1. Somehow reading everyone's happy lists makes me happy

    1. I know what you mean. It's nice to dwell on the little things that make people happy.

  2. 7 is a guilty pleasure I too share. Rarely ever see them though, but makes them even more special when I do. And by see I mean buy, and by buy I mean eat in far too short a duration to be even approaching respectable for an alleged-adult.

    1. Greggs came up trumps today- it's frustratingly hit and miss whether they have their caramel custard ones.

  3. I love your list - what a great idea! It is often the little things that make all the difference, like your number 6 and 13. I also love secondhand bookshops - I could spend all day in them.

    1. Number 6 is one of my absolute favourite things- it's good for a smile at least once a lesson. I also love it when pupils call me "mum" (especially when it's the tough, naughty boys).