Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Literary lust list II

It's World Book Day tomorrow, which makes this an apposite time to post another literary lust list.  All of my friends and relations know that the quickest way to my heart is with bookish homewares or accessories (but not so much with actual books; I'm very difficult to buy for because I own so many already).  Here are just a few lovely things that have caught my eye lately.

Words cannot fully express how much I want this 'Reading is sexy' t-shirt, designed by Oregon artist Sarah Utter and available from Portland-based website Buy Olympia.  I bought a bumper sticker with this design when I was in Portland, and have regretted ever since that I didn't pick up the entire range.  Let it be known that this is what I want for my birthday (size L, ta).  I would also quite like everything else on the website.

I Capture The Castle tea towel from The Literary Gift Company.  This book is one of my all-time favourites, and I adore the opening chapter, with narrator Cassandra Mortmain sitting in her kitchen sink.  It introduces the tone of the whole novel beautifully.

Wuthering Heights Kindle case, also from The Literary Gift Company.  I still feel shame-faced about reading on a Kindle when I'm travelling, and this case might make me feel a little less guilty about it.
And finally, this "She has read too many books..." brooch from Bookity's Folksy shop to replace an identical brooch I had on my coat for years, which eventually fell apart after being caught in one too many British rainstorms.


  1. Hi Janet

    I have just discovered your lovely blog.

    Your lust list is great and the little brooch is so cute.

    1. Thanks :)

      I always used to get comments when I wore my old brooch - it's a great conversation starter!