Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A week of making

A few weeks ago, B & E over at Make, Do & Spend did a Week of Making.  Like them, one of the reasons I began to blog was to share my love of creative projects, but when work and life get busy, making things is often the first pastime of mine to go by the wayside.  So I decided to be inspired by B & E and try my own week of making.
Made... lemon cupcakes, purely to use up a single leftover lemon that had been lurking in my fridge for weeks. They went down very well at school on Monday.


Made... homemade arrabiata sauce (slightly cheating by using tinned tomatoes, but it was delicious nevertheless).


Made... plans for my upcoming trips with The Boy. Paris in April, Berlin in May... I am so excited, not least because I love planning things. Any hints or tips for either destination would be very gratefully received.


Made... yummy pancakes with raspberries and maple syrup. I love long, leisurely breakfasts on my day off. 


Made... blinds for my friend, Emma's, kitchen windows. As I got to work I thought, "I really miss sewing, I should do more." Half an hour in, and I was cursing as I untangled threads and battled with my sewing machine.


 Made... a ticket collage to fill the final gap in my hallway wall, which is lined with similar collages. 


Made... a coffee cake for my mum's 65th birthday on Sunday.


  1. I will miss your cakes! Maybe make a zipwire to send them over to me? x

    1. Maybe we can set up a system of smoke signals, so you know when to pop over?

  2. I made tinned tomatos from scratch the other week to use up a kg of fresh ones we'd misakenly bought- it's really not worth it, therefore tinned tomatos do not count at a cheat- perfectly legit.
    Freya May

  3. I love this post very much. I might steal your idea ;)

    1. Go for it - but bear in mind I stole it from Make, Do & Spend in the first place!

  4. Brilliant! So happy we inspired you!
    The coffee cake looks so, so good, your Mum is a lucky lady :-)