Thursday, 21 March 2013

Image association week 16

So, it's only taken me two months to reply to Sarah's last photograph.  In my defence, it was a bloody hard one to respond to, and I'm still not completely satisfied with what I've come up with.  I also spent much of January and February with a hellacious creative block: I couldn't seem to write, photograph, make, sew, bake... everything was a struggle and I'm only just getting my groove back. 

Anyway, back in January Sarah posted this image of the ceiling at her workplace....

And I spent weeks and weeks trying to figure out how the hell to reply.  I tried playing around with lines; I looked for chances to photograph grids... but no luck.  I'd narrowed it down to the concept of either 'looking up' or 'looking down', but I couldn't seem to take a decent photograph (some would argue I still haven't managed it).  But while walking in Leicester on Sunday morning, I looked down at the rain-soaked pavement and this map - and the reflections in the wet surface - caught my eye.  So, finally, here is my response Sarah!

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