Monday, 2 July 2012

Music Monday: Basement Jaxx

I'm having great fun compiling a very long and varied playlist for Friday's party.  There are a lot of people coming from work, and I'm somewhat worried that my rather niche music tastes will confuse them!  So far, the playlist goes roughly like this:
First hour = my favourite obscure indie songs, cos I'll be the only one there to hear them;
Second hour = Northern Soul, dance and hip hop, to get the party started;
Third hour = indie dancefloor hits: Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines all feature heavily;
Fourth hour = 90s classics: Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Bluetones and the like, because by then everyone will be drunk and nostalgic.

In that second hour, I've had to stop myself including every Basement Jaxx song ever recorded.  I love them!  From their first album in 1999 (I think?) to their recent records, I adore everything they've released.  You just can't listen to Basement Jaxx and feel unhappy; at a very wet V Festival a few years back, they got a field full of cold and miserable people dancing away and grinning like loons, so they are guaranteed to add to the party atmosphere on Friday.  BUT I have a dilemma: which track to include?  My choices are the three videos below: Jump 'n' Shout, Romeo, or Cish Cash.  Which one would make your playlist?


  1. Chose Romeo! Love it! Or all of them

  2. Cish cash - its all about Siouxsie Sioux!!