Wednesday, 11 July 2012

10 things

I really enjoyed reading Laura's post, Ten Things About Me, on Make Do And Mend last week, and it got me thinking about the things I choose to share on this blog.  You will have noticed that I have little compunction blogging about everything from the mundane details of my life to bigger issues such as abortion or fat acceptance.  I tend to be more honest with strangers than I am with anyone I know; and by extension, the closer I get to someone, the less I feel able to open up.  I infuriate some friends because they want me to share and I just can't.  But get me on the internet or writing a fanzine?  Hey, anyone is welcome to come along and read about me!  So these 10 things are probably superfluous; if you're a regular reader you very possibly know more about me than the people I work with.  But I like lists, so...

  1. The first album I ever bought was The Bangles’ Greatest Hits, on cassette from Our Price in Bradford.
  2. My favourite place in the whole world is my bed. 
  3. I still know all the words to the theme tune from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.
  4. I don’t feel comfortable in a room which doesn’t have books in it; every room in my house has at least one bookshelf.
  5. I’m an atheist now but was a regular churchgoer as a child.  I was even at church camp when Kurt Cobain died; rock and roll, eh?
  6. When I was 16 I wanted nothing more than to marry Leonardo Di Caprio. 
  7. My favourite film of all time is Dazed & Confused.  I saw it for the first time at the Picturehouse Cinema in Bradford, on a cold and dark winter Sunday, and it changed my life by suggesting that perhaps there was more to being a teenager than working hard and being the good kid.
  8. I think it's a miracle that I now have good relationships with my brothers, because I was a horrible big sister growing up, either ignoring them or bossing them around officiously. 
  9. I own far too many recipe books, but usually cook and bake from memory (with a dash of making it up as I go along).
  10. My dream is to live and work in London, but I feel too old to make the move.
Where do you stand on opening up to people: are you an open book or do you keep a lot hidden? 


  1. Ditto on 3, 6 & 9! And I also owned the Bangles Greatest Hits on tape (which i used to listen to in my old car as it only had a cassette deck.) Ah, good times. You're certainly not too old to make a move to London anyway! If that's your dream you should go for it, try it for a year perhaps and then see if it's for you?

    1. I have this weird fantasy that I'll be made redundant, this getting rid of my 'but I can't give up a good job' reason to not make the move!

    2. 'thus' not 'this'! Stupid phone.

  2. Ditto three and nine. I never got Dazed and Confused, though, but then I pretty much had the attitude, "There's no point working hard - there are no jobs out there." Not my smartest thought process.

    What are you scared will happen if you move to London? What are you scared won't? Are either of those big enough or likely enough to give up your dream for? I vote: give it a try!

    1. I think I have exhausted my ambitions for a big move with my ill-fated American adventure. I need to take some time to just 'be in my life' (if that makes sense) before I start to make new plans.