Sunday, 1 July 2012

Busy busy

Phew, what a busy week!  Since I got back from the school camping trip I don't seem to have stopped, and my diary continues to look packed until the end of term. 

I have...

... visited Cambridge with some lovely year 9 students;
... baked hundreds of bright pink macaroon shells ready for a party I'm having on Friday;
... made metres and metres of paper book bunting;
... spent far too much money on CDs in Fopp;
... seen good friends for cinema trips and pizza (plus free birthday Prosecco, yum);
... finally finished sewing my first ever homemade skirt (navy polka dot, naturally);
... painted and weather-proofed my garden fence (I can hardly bear the excitement that is my life);
... planted lots of pretty pots for my back yard;
... booked my flights and bus travel for this summer's trip - three weeks in South Africa!  I leave two weeks tomorrow and have SO much still to organise.  Plus this party to throw (originally my 'leaving for America' party, now a 'yay! I'm staying!' party) on Friday, friends staying at the weekend, hectic end-of-term madness at school... oh my, I better stop writing and get to work.

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