Monday, 18 June 2012

Who lives in a house like this?

As I'm off camping this week, I sent out a plea for guest posts.  Massive thanks to the people who responded.  We're starting today with a guest post courtesy of Laura, a Nottingham-based artist and blogger who writes and posts beautiful photographs and drawings at Make Do & Mend.  Laura was one of the first people to welcome me into the blogging community by letting me do a guest post when I'd just started Words..., so it's lovely to be able to host a post from her.

Feb 2011
The view from our window last winter.

When Tom and I decided to move in together last year we came across an unusual place in the listings - a flat in an old Convent, adjacent to the Cathedral in Nottingham. This was surely worth a viewing! I imagined a fusty old building with dark corridors, but I was pleasantly surprised when we found that the building was bright and newly decorated, whilst also keeping its original features, such as the beams in the corridor and stained glass windows. Plus, along the hallway from the flat was a beautiful chapel which, we were told, could be booked out to use for parties. We were sold!

So now I can happily tell people that yes, I live in a nunnery. My favourite things about our home (apart from the use of the Chapel, which makes for a great venue for Halloween parties) is the huge bookcase in our living room, which was used when the building was a Sunday school. It didn't take us long to fill it! Plus our bedroom has a gorgeous stained glass window as well. Although the flat is a little bit small (Tom has to record his music in a cupboard, quite literally!) it's cosy, and we'll be hard pressed to find somewhere else as unique.

Partying in the Chapel on my birthday last year.

The window in our bedroom

Chapel door Tom outside the Chapel doors. 

Our bookshelf in the nunnery
Our massive bookcase!

Tom painting Tom painting in the living room

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