Monday, 11 June 2012

Music Monday goes POP!

In 1930 Noel Coward wrote, "Strange how potent cheap music is."  82 years later, and the statement still holds true.  My music collection may be almost entirely beyond reproach in terms of indie girl cred - from A-Z, Abe Vigoda to Zwan - but there remains a small corner of my iTunes playlist where my guilty pleasures live; the songs that make me squeal with excitement when I hear them, then check to make sure no-one heard me. 

My number one 'cheap music' obsession at the moment is Beyonce's End Of Time.  That woman really knows how to put together a great pop song: Crazy In Love, Single Ladies and now this.  Featuring parping horns, carnival drums and dancehall rhythms that make me want to shake my bum in a manner most unbecoming of a white girl, it's a completely addictive four minutes of pure pop heaven.

Today's second fix of potent pop music comes courtesy of Taio Cruz.  I've been obsessed with Dynamite for a long time.  In fact, I have the haziest of memories of writing about it before, so I apologise if I'm repeating myself.  But you guys!  This is just the happiest and most catchy song and it cheers me up whenever I hear it.  There's something about the very simple sentiment, "I wanna celebrate and live my life," that just lifts my heart.  My friends Abby and Liv do a beautiful acoustic, Live Lounge-y cover of this which I adore.  Not so sure about Taio's dodgy and borderline misogynistic video though. 

What are the pop songs that get you singing along to the radio?  And do you agree with the concept of guilty pleasures, or should we enjoy these tunes guilt-free?

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