Monday, 25 June 2012

Music Monday: Grizzly Bear

I'm back!  I had a fab week camping in Exmouth with year 8, even if it did chuck it down for two of the days (I felt like I was at Glastonbury with all the mud).  My fellow teachers went to great lengths to ensure my birthday last Tuesday was extra-special: decorating my tent with balloons and 'Happy birthday' banners; buying me a cheeky cider during our sun-drenched lunch in Dawlish Warren; buying me a variety of little gifts.  And the kids were great too, I've never received so many birthday wishes.  Meanwhile I hope you enjoyed reading the posts from my guest bloggers; I loved being able to nosy around their homes.

All in all, a lovely week but for one thing... the complete absence of music.  I hadn't realised how utterly reliant I am on listening to good tunes until I was deprived of them (and the disco on Wednesday night does not count).  From leaving on Monday morning till when I was halfway home and, with a coachload of sleeping kids, could safely unravel my headphones, I didn't turn my iPod on once.  But it did make it all the more satisfying when the first song out to shuffle on was this, About Face.  With beautiful, summery harmonies galore, I never tire of Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest album and am so excited about seeing them Nottingham at the end of August - my tickets arrived on Saturday, eek!


  1. Ah cool, we were wondering whether to go to that gig as well, its just down the road from me (you'll be able to see the cathedral when you get there :) - need to listen to more grizzly bear though first!

    1. They're so good - hopefully it will be an amazing gig. Maybe see you there!