Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Seen & heard: April 2012

If you thought my obsession with the early 90s grunge era was over, think again.  I have enjoyed re-watching some classic 90s films and discovering a new take on the Kurt Cobain story. 

1. The Truth About Cats & Dogs.  How I loved this film the first time I saw it.  And the time after that, and the twenty or so times after that.  So why did it leave a sour taste in my mouth this time round?  I think it's partly that I just can't get my head around Janeane Garofalo in the ugly duckling role; she is stunning, but seems to be permanently cast as the frump just because she's short and maybe 15lbs heavier than the Hollywood norm.  As a fellow shortarse, this makes me cross.

2. Singles.   Worth a watch, if only for the amusingly bad acting by Eddie, Stone & Jeff from Pearl Jam as members of Matt Dillon's character's band.  A great soundtrack and some surprisingly sweet romantic moments make this a good one to revisit. 

3. Last Days.  Directed by Gus Van Sant (Milk, My Own Private Idaho), this was an interesting film that I didn't exactly love, but enjoyed watching nonetheless.  Dreamy and soporific, it moves slowly through the last days of musician 'Blake' (a thinly-veiled Kurt Cobain) as he wanders around Seattle avoiding friends and family, before killing himself.

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  1. Re: Truth About Cats and Dogs - me too, I loved it when I first saw it as a 16 year old, but then when I watched it for the first time in about a decade the other month, it made me cringe in a few places. And yes, Janeane Garofalo is in no way an ugly duckling; if I'd been Brian I'd have picked Donna and her cheesmaking goats over "Abby" any day.