Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lovely things

It's funny how the imminent need to pack up everything I own and put it into storage for a year has dampened my usually voracious consumer habits.  That being said, I have picked up a few lovely bits and pieces over the past couple of weeks.
1. I found this polka dot dress (apologies for crappy image quality, but it's the only picture I could find) in Oliver Bonas when I was in London last week.  It'll be perfect for work this summer.
2. Laura, who blogs at Make Do and Mend, very kindly offered me her copy of Wilson after I mentioned it was next on my 'to-read' list.  I love Daniel Clowes' first graphic novel, Ghost World, so am looking forward to reading this one.
3. I've actually had this Scrabble mug for a while but only just started using it.  I love it!  It's the perfect size and shape for wrapping your hands around, and fits the perfect amount of tea.
4. Ok, I have a problem, I admit it.  I need to go to polka dot rehab or something.  But these fabric earrings are so cute!  Found at a vintage fair in Leicester recently.
5. Scenes From Occupied America promises an overview of last winter's astonishing upswell of protest in the USA, which rapidly spread worldwide.  One to read before I move to the States (eek!) in July.


  1. Ooh did the book arrive ok? Yay! Talking of scrabble, do you play 'words with friends' on your phone? i am currently playing 3 games, pretty addictive!

    1. Yes thanks! Kind of abandoned Words with Friends when I discovered Draw Something but started playing again at the weekend. My username is enjoyyourself19 (I think!) if you fancy a game.

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