Monday, 16 April 2012

Music Monday: Local Natives

Who Knows, Who Cares by Local Natives is one of a handful of really standout tracks on their 2009 debut album, Gorilla Manor, and a longtime favourite of mine for belting out in the car on the motorway, trying to see if I can hold the notes on "knows" and "cares" for as long as the singers can (clue: I can't).  But when it shuffled onto my iPod on Saturday my attention was grabbed by the mention of the word Colorado, and when I listened to the lyrics more closely it dawned on me what a perfect song this is for me at the moment. 

Is my life about to change?
Who knows, who cares. 

So we took a van down to Colorado
Where we ran into the dead
I took you by the hand
Know that even with your doubts, it's ok
Take into account that it's not about to change.
Who knows, who cares.

You could let it down
Jump into the river baby,
Easy as it sounds
It's never quite as easily done.
The current has us now, it's ok
Take into account that it's all about to change.
Who knows, who cares.

Even if it weren't for the mention of the very state I'm about to move to, how perfect are those lines?  It's such a great summation of my see-sawing feelings at the moment: it's not about to change/it's all about to change.  Ultimately I'm about to jump into the river and embark on a new adventure.  It won't be easily done, but I kind of do feel that it's ok.  Not quite so sure about the mention of running into the dead in Colorado... hopefully I can skip that part. 

So there you go: anyone planning a 'Janet's leaving' mixtape, here's track #1 for you.  And how amazing is this acoustic version?  These guys voices are so good.

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