Sunday, 17 January 2016

Photo An Hour: Saturday 16th January

I don't know how an entire month has already passed since December's Photo An Hour, but somehow it has. I'm becoming an old woman who bemoans the speedy passing of time, as month after month whizzes by in the blink of an eye. Anyway, I was excited that Photo An Hour fell yesterday as, unlike last month, I had plans to leave the house and actually do stuff!

8.30am: Awake, reluctantly, and it's freezing cold so I'm staying snuggled under the duvet for as long as I can, with a book to keep me company (I'm reading Days Of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor, the second in her Daughter Of Smoke & Bone trilogy, and really enjoying it so far).

9.30am: Thomas has popped into town to have his hair cut so I've settled in with a mug of tea and a pile of magazines.

10.30am: My sale bargain fox jumper from Sugarhill Boutique has finally arrived, hooray!

11.30am: While waiting for Thomas to get home I decided to start my new cross stitch pattern. Unfortunately, an essential skill in cross stitch is the ability to count, which I lack. Within the first 20 minutes it became clear that I'd have to unpick all my work (which really wasn't many stitches as I'm so slow, but still).

12.30pm: Finally dressed and ready to leave the house. This outfit - H&M cardigan, H&M dress, H&M boots (off camera) is my absolute favourite thing to wear at the moment.

1.30pm: A train ride later and we've arrived in Nottingham to beautiful blue skies.

2.30pm: Thomas looking extremely excited because his stonebaked pizza with vegan cheese was on its way. A visit to Oscar & Rosie's was the main reason for our trip today, and I can safely say it was well worth it.

3.30pm: "Anarchy is everywhere" graffiti on the columns of Nottingham City Hall.

4.30pm: A stash of vinyl in the Sue Ryder vintage shop. And no, the Cliff Richard album didn't come home with me.

6.30pm: I forgot to take a photo at 5.30 as we were on the train, but by half 6 we were firmly ensconced in our favourite Leicester pub with pints and something to read.

9.30pm: At 7.30 & 8.30 we were still in the pub, so no photos. We got a taxi home and I, slightly tipsy, decided that the neighbours would really love to hear my playing some of the day's purchases really loud. This Dilly Dally album is great but the cover's pretty gross.

10.30pm: The last thing I do before bed most nights is fill in my Q&A A Day diary.