Thursday, 8 January 2015

What I wore: Collared

There are a handful of styles that I love and will buy repeatedly, and the Peter Pan collar is one of them. Whether on blouses, jumpers or dresses, I really can't resist a collar and if that collar should be crochet then so much the better.

That's why, when I saw this dress from ASOS Petite, I bought it straight away - despite already owning a navy blue, crochet collar skater dress. Oh yeah, and also a black one (as seen in my profile photo in the corner of this blog). It's subtly different, is what I tell myself. Rather than the usual stretch jersey skater dress, this one is made from a fine knit. It's super comfy, and I love the retro feel: part-late 60s Mod, part-early 90s kinderwhore. I've worn little else since I bought it in October.

Common fashion advice has it that a high neckline is a no-no for enormo-boobs such as mine, but I reckon this shape is actually really flattering (although in the final close-up photograph they do look comically huge). Just goes to show: don't listen to what the magazines tell you.

This is also the first peek at my new shoes (well, not so new now - I've had them for about two months). Chunky-soled and incredibly comfortable to wear, they're a cool twist on my favourite Mary Jane style, and remind me powerfully of a pair of shoes I had in about 1993. Is it wrong to be wearing this outfit when I'm old enough to have worn it the first time around?!

* Dress: ASOS * Shoes: Office * Ring: Handmade *
* Slightly awkward look: As always, model's own *