Friday, 2 January 2015

2014: A year in review

I know I'm a little late with this - I've only just started feeling well enough to blog again - and that everyone and their dog has already done a round-up post, but forgive me. I love having a chance to look back over my year, and 2014 was a good one. I feel like I finally found my blogging groove: built a community around me, improved my photography, started doing outfit posts, became more explicitly feminist and political, wrote some pieces that I'm really bloody proud of. Here are my best bits of 2014...


The Boy and I went to Manchester and Liverpool to eat all the vegan food and admire the street art; I gave some advice for anyone considering going part-time at work; and I set myself a goal for 2014: Don't Worry, Be Happy. Hmm, not entirely sure how well I achieved that: I'm a worrier by nature.


For Valentines Day I talked about how miraculous it is that The Boy puts up with memy shitty health finally got the better of me; and I did a scary thing and survived. Seriously, overcoming my social anxiety to meet up with other bloggers was the single best thing I did in 2014. Becks, Laura, Elle, Becca, Sarah and Elise turned out to not be scary at all - huh, funny that - but instead lovely, warm people whom I am happy to call my friends.


We spied some awesome pavement art by a local proto-Banksy, I shared my 10 wardrobe essentials, talked about why I've always been a feminist, and explained why I was joining the NUT teachers' strike


We went to Glasgow to visit The Boy's hometown and were greeted with beautiful blue skies as we mooched around the stunning cemetery. I also wrote one of my favourite ever posts: What came first, the music or the misery? Inspired by a quote from High Fidelity, it's incredibly personal but I'm super proud of it and think it's one of the best things I've written.


The sun finally shone and we went into the woods for a picnic. I did my first outfit post, embarked on a week of making and wrote about why I can sometimes be perceived as a 'bad' friend.


We celebrated my birthday with a weekend in Bristol (and took my favourite picture of us - I just love this photo!), my tattoo was finished and I wrote about how it had changed my body image, and I discussed how The Boy's veganism had changed my own dietary habits.


I took a break from baking my friend's wedding cake (extremely stressful: do not recommend) to take a trip to Cambridgegave you all a tour of our new-look living room, which had been updated with some vintage and secondhand midcentury modern finds, and redecorated our kitchen on the hottest days of the year (also do not recommend).


Our summer holiday was a couple of days in the Netherlands followed by a short break in Copenhagen, after which I wrote a guide to vintage shopping in Amsterdam. And I published one of those pieces that you work on forever and never quite get right: I still don't feel I properly expressed what I wanted to in On Queerness: about being a queer girl dating a cis gender guy.


I started my spending ban (total saved so far: £800), wrote about memories of my incredible grandfather in When a Chair Is Not Just a Chair, and became the kind of person who goes to blogger meet-ups.


We spent a long weekend in Norfolk, and I wrote a series of posts about sponsored content, having big boobs, and posting half-naked pictures of myself online. Everyone was lovely about it, too, which was ace.


November brought some busy but rewarding weekends. The Boy and I started a new joint venture, The Hungry Vegan, a blog about being vegan and, well, hungry, offering recipes, reviews and rants. I also did something which would have been unfathomable to me a year previously: posted some extremely embarrassing pictures of myself in How Bad Outfit Photos Taught Me To Stop Fearing The Camera, and, in one of my most-viewed posts of 2014, gave you some ideas on how to have a conscious Christmas.


For all that 2014 was a pretty good year, the last three weeks of it weren't that great. First a flu virus, then bronchitis, completely floored me (I'm still not un-floored actually, more like dragging myself up from the ground slowly and painfully). As a result, blogging fell by the wayside somewhat, although I managed three makes: Christmas cards, an evergreen wreath, and a festive blackboard.


  1. Super mega awesome year, here's to even more adventures in 2015!

    1. Indeed! Top of the list - a visit to Tiny Town.

  2. What a great year, aside from the bits where you were unwell. Don't worry, I only posted my year review today, 3 days after everyone else! I hope you are recovered very soon and 2015 will be a fantastic year for you.

  3. Lovely round up, you visited some great places last year, and looking forward to our next meet up! x

  4. Happy New Year! I love your photos. I haven't even thought about writing my review of 2014 yet... Oops! x

  5. Happy New year! I'd missed some of these the first time round so thanks for doing a review :) liked your post about going part-time (my friend also swears by it) and the music or misery one was really interesting - the lyrics (without any music) are pretty brutal but have a lot of love for some of those (teenage angst especially. Hope you feel all better soon! X

    1. I know, when you look at those lyrics out of context they're pretty depressing!

  6. Well, it looks like it's been a photographically wonderful year! Have really enjoyed delving into your archives! I'm looking forward to your 2015 posts. Happy new year xx

    1. Thank you, and happy new year to you too!

  7. I love round up posts. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    I remember some of the posts mentioned and will catch up on the others - expect some stalker style commenting!
    Here's to another full and excellent year!

    1. Thanks for the stalker style commenting! I love it when old posts get new comments :)

  8. Looks like an excellent year, apart from being ill, boo hiss to that definitely. I hope you're beginning to feel a bit better now and hopefully by the time the weather has perked up, you'll be back to doing more awesome things in 2015 :-) xx

  9. I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. It looks like a good year. I think 2014 brought me some pretty cool things but I will not have a clear perspective on that until I have a bit more distance from the year. So glad you had a good year though xx

  10. hope you are feeling better, here's to a fantastic 2015, and more blogger meet ups!

  11. Wow you fitted in loads of activities! Also yay for the fab saving, I need to get myself on a budget now that Christmas is over! :)