Friday, 11 April 2014

My goals for 2014: progress

Back in January, the first list of 52 lists was to outline my goals for the year. Now that we're a quarter of the way through the year (eek!  How the hell did that happen?!), I thought it would be a good opportunity to review my progress so far.  And I was pleasantly surprised when I took a look back and realised that I am doing pretty well...

1. Don't worry, be happy. This was my big goal for 2014, and I'm not doing terribly well so far! Two weeks of illness have left me too readily focusing on pain, medication and misery.
Progress: This was always going to be a hard one - partly because it's so abstract, and partly because it's just not in my nature to not worry!  I haven't done all that well so far, partly because my health has been pretty terrible (although it has improved over the past few weeks). Having The Boy around full-time definitely helps me to relax, though.

2. Streamline my email inbox, unsubscribing from the marketing emails that I never read.
Progress: An easily achievable one this, I think I did it straight after making my list.

3. Speak to my tattoo artist about the two new tattoos I've been planning for years.
Progress: Done!  My appointment is booked for April 23rd and I am very excited already.

4. Write in my new Q&A A Day journal every night before bed.
Progress: I sometimes forget for a night or two and have to catch up on a couple of days worth of entries, but I'm completely up to date at the moment and really enjoying having a quiet moment at the end of each day to reflect on the questions.

5. Save up to buy a DSLR or bridge camera and learn how to use it!
Progress: I bought a Nikon bridge camera a couple of weeks ago and have spent the intervening time playing around with it.  I'm really excited at the prospect of having a decent camera (although now I can't blame my tools for the fact my photos are rubbish!) 

6. Take more pictures of myself and The Boy, especially together. It's sad how few photos we have of our time together.
Progress: A strip of photobooth photos from Manchester apart, I haven't managed this yet.

7. Have a proper sit down to look at my finances: my mortgage, credit cards and savings accounts all need to be working for me, so I can save for some big trips in 2015 (family reunion in Canada AND my cousin's wedding in South Africa).
Progress: As much as I hate dealing with finances, I feel a lot better for having sorted all of mine out.  AND I've actually started saving every month, which is a good feeling.

8. Be better about what I eat. It's frustrating to come up against dietary restrictions when I come from a very fat-positive background of, "I can eat what the hell I want!" But I have to be honest with myself: getting my IBS and related conditions under control is so much more important than eating cheeseburgers as a quasi-political statement.
Progress: I'm a lot stricter about what I eat - no more pretending that the cream cake won't make me so sick I'll want to cry - and living with a vegan means I'm eating really good, healthy food most nights.

9. Empty the under-stairs cupboard, which is reaching critical levels of fullness. 
Progress: Completed at February half term - and it wasn't nearly as terrible as I thought it would be. 

10. Read 52 books. I'd initially wanted to aim for 100, but one a week seems like a more realistic goal. I managed 70 last year, so I'm hoping to smash this goal!
Progress: 31 books read so far, so I think 100 is starting to look easily achievable.


  1. I haven't re-evaluated my goals for this year yet, I think I'm a bit scared too to be honest! Seems like you've done really well with yours. I had a similar one with number 6 but havent done very well with it- im sure when it gets to summer itll be easier to take photos together. x

    1. I didn't realise quite how well I'd done until I looked at the list - I'm pretty proud of my progress!

  2. You're doing really well!! You sound like a woman who has got her life well under control. It's a shame you've been so unlucky with your health but there's plenty of time for improvement yet so I'm sending positive thoughts your way!! :)

  3. This was really an interesting comment to read because I never think of myself as having my life under control, mainly because it was so badly OUT of control for so many years that I can't wrap my head around the alternative. But yeah, when I look at it objectively I can see that I'm doing a pretty awesome job of being an adult. About time, my parents would say!

  4. Oh goodness. We ARE a quarter of the way through the year aren't we? Ack, probably should take a look back at my Not Really Resolutions.

    *steels self*

  5. You're doing pretty well! :D So jealous of how fast you can read! This has reminded me to take a look at my 2014 goals.

    A good piece of advice someone gave me about 'proper cameras' just before I bought one the first time was that a good photograph comes from being able to capture something, a scene, an emotion, etc. Having a good piece of kit really helps but there's more to it. And that helped me relax a little. And what you on about anyway woman? Your photos are good!


  6. You are doing so well at your goals. I am super impressed!