Wednesday, 2 April 2014

List #14: The things I want to do before I die

 First image source here, second here

Have you seen the Before I Die walls?  Established by artist Candy Chang, it's now a global art project with over 450 walls in countries around the world.  Asked to write, draw or scrawl on the wall, passersby come up with responses ranging from the mundane to the fantastical.  The combined effect of all of those hopes and dreams is awe-inspiring.

When it came time to make my own list, I found it difficult to write.  Like everyone, I have things I'd like to achieve, but those change as my life changes.  Ask me ten years ago, and I'd probably have said I wanted to have children; now, at 35, it's become clear to me that I'm quite happy never being a mum.  But, after much thought, I did manage to come up with a few ideas, all dreams that I have had for years.  One of the things I love very much about The Boy is that he makes my goals feel achievable rather than pie-in-the-sky.  He encourages me to believe in myself and we talk often about how to make both our dreams come true.  So I have every hope that, with him by my side, I will manage to achieve these...

1. Visit every continent: I'm three down and three to go.
2. See the Northern Lights.  It was disappointing, but not surprising, to miss them when I visited Iceland in 2011. 
3. Study for an MA in Gender Studies.
4. Do something useful in my working life.  I feel that the job I do now is useful and productive, I feel that I am contributing in some small way, and even if I leave teaching I know it's important that whatever career I choose, it serves a larger purpose.
5. Watch more sunrises.


  1. Ooh, number 1 would be on my 'Before I Die' list aswell. I've also done 3 and have 3 to go :)

    Number 2 is interesting because its one of those things I take for granted because we see them quite a lot, its easy to forget that they're something quite special (although nowhere near as impressive in real life as they are in photographs, sadly)

    I do think its hard to create a bucket list/life list. My goals and plans often change on a daily basis.

    1. It's really interesting to think that something which is a dream for lots of people is just completely normal for anyone living in certain places! I'm trying not to be too jealous right now.

  2. I love these walls, I need to write on one!

    My list is so long, I think that's half my problem - I've written everything down and the list keeps growing and growing. There's too much!

    Actually your number 4 is one that has been filling my thoughts for a year or so now. I don't have a pointless job but I don't feel like I'm fulfilled or that I'm doing my part to help others. I have been thinking deeply about what I might be able to do about this, and so far I've come up with no viable solutions so I'm still here plodding along. Hmmm.

    1. I try and set short-term, concrete and achievable goals on a half-yearly basis (January's list had things like get new tattoo, new kitchen worktops, eat better to improve my IBS) so these were the more long-term and somewhat abstract goals.

      Number 4 is a hard one - even in teaching I can sometimes feel like all I'm doing is going through the motions without really being fulfilled, but there are also good days where it feels more constructive.

  3. YES to an MA in Gender Studies. I might join you and do mine all over again because I miss it so terribly!!