Sunday, 27 April 2014


ADMIRING these beautiful tulips, a gift from my old boss when he and his wife came to dinner last week.

COOKING a very successful vegan lasagne for the aforementioned dinner.  As a rather reluctant vegan, I love it when I come up with a recipe that tastes just as good as 'real' food!  And with deliciously gooey vegan brownies & soy ice cream for pud, it really was an excellent advertisement for vegan food, if I do say so myself.

MAKING a simple flatpack Ikea Rast chest of drawers into something rather lovely for the bathroom, with the simple addition of some paint I had lying around in the shed and these fab knobs (hee hee, I said knobs) from Knobbles & Bobbles.

READING some really great comics and zines.  I ADORED Neil Slorance's Seven Days In Berlin, which I picked up from Plan B Books in Glasgow, and I also received Laura's This Is 30 yesterday, which is as brilliant as anyone familiar with her lovely blog would expect.

TRAVELLING to Glasgow on a sleeper train, which was a wonderful adventure, and then to my mum's in Leeds.  A sunny day trip to Otley, a lovely Easter Sunday lunch with the whole family, a peaceful walk through woodland while talking A Song of Ice & Fire with my brother, lots of home-cooked food thanks to my mum, four books read while sitting in 'my' armchair in the bay window of my mum's house... truly a wonderful Easter weekend.

BUYING a new car, which was bloody scary.  I feel like a proper grown-up now that I have a vehicle that doesn't rattle when going over bumps.  Also, thanks to a very fruitful shopping trip yesterday, a rather lovely floral skirt (a bargain at a fiver from H&M, seen here in my rather smudged and dirty mirror), a pretty green dress for my friend's wedding (another bargain - £20 down from £50), AND a £3 thrifted midi skirt. 

WALKING under the most beautiful blossom trees on the way to the pub with The Boy.

FEELING a surprising amount of pain and discomfort as my new tattoo heals.  It's the biggest piece I've got, and with about 12 years having passed since my previous inking, I think I'd forgotten how sore it can feel afterwards.  No photographs yet, though, as it still has colouring to be finished. 

But mostly, I have spent my Easter holidays completely forgetting about work!  Bliss.


  1. Ooh, can't wait to see the tattoo...

    Love the bargain clothing, both very summery (and I sniggered at the word knobs aswell ;) )

    1. I am such a child, knobs will always make me giggle (even typing that made me smile!)

  2. Love your skirt! I have to keep myself out of H&M at the mo, their basic range plus my love of slouchy tshirts makes a rather dangerous mix!

    1. I cannot stop myself bying H&M t-shirts at the moment! Can't seem to remember that, in this weather, I really don't need another slouchy tee.

  3. I really really want to make over our chest of drawers and seeing your bathroom cabinet has reminded me to kick myself up the bum and start looking for some paint.

    And knobs.


  4. It sounds perfect. I really need to paint my dining table. I had hoped to pick up paint while we had a hire car last weekend but we totally did not get round to it. Maybe next time!