Thursday, 21 November 2013

Day 21: My top TV picks

I don't watch a great deal of TV but when I do, I want complete escapism.  I don't want to think about the horrible realities of meth dealing.  I don't want complex Scandinavian detectives brooding moodily.  I don't want a treatise on terrorism and the CIA, as told through the (admittedly superb) cry-faces of Claire Danes. 

I want sparkles and laughs and silliness. 

I want cake-based double entendres from Mel & Sue. 

I want fictional physicists making geek jokes.

The best way I can sum up my taste in TV is thus: if it involves dancing or baking or property-buying, chances are I'll love it. If it's a half hour American comedy show, I'll certainly give it a try.  If it's anything award-winning, or that could be described using the phrase 'hard-hitting', or that the broadsheet critics assure me is a 'must-see', chances are good that I'll never have seen it and never want to.

My favourite 'comfort watches' are embarrassingly untrendy.  Give me a good Agatha Christie adaptation and I'm happy (and yes, I will be watching with a blanket draped over my knees because I am utterly rock & roll like that).  Location, Location, Location is always a joy due to the sheer watchability of Kirstie and Phil, plus the chance to nose at strangers' houses is impossible to resist.  The Great British Bake-Off and Strictly Come Dancing are what make autumn the best of all seasons.  And finally, One Born Every Minute makes me cry every single episode, despite being the least maternal person I know.

As for television that is somewhat more socially acceptable, New Girl (which I ranted about here), How I Met Your Mother (before it jumped the shark), Happy Endings and Big Bang Theory are my must-watch programmes.  On boxset, Freaks & Geeks and My So-Called Life just cannot be beaten, although I am being won round to Game Of Thrones.  I have a great fondness for long-forgotten soapy American series, such as The L Word or Dawson's Creek spin-off Young Americans (both of these shows have in common the peerless - by which I mean I really fancy her - actress Katherine Moenig).  But basically I like shit TV, and I am totally ok with that. 


  1. I was just saying the other day that I NEED to re-watch My So Called Life!

  2. I need to have another re-watch of My So Called Life, I think it's about due! I watched one episode of Game of Thrones & gave up though...

    Talking of home shows, I recently watched an episode of Amazing Spaces and it was great! It made me want to search out an old caravan that I could convert into a pretty vintage shop! I am currently writing my own TV post, you've inspired me... x

  3. Yes, yes and yes (apart from the Strictly, but mainly because I've never been at home when it's on so never got into it). Freaks and Geeks is such an excellent, underrated show - rewatched it last year and was remind of how good it is. The same for My So Called Life - oh the 90s teen angst!. I totally agree with all your trash telly tastes too - GBBO, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother (fell into the latter two because they seem to be all E4 show these days!). From your examples it sounds like you'd like The Mindy Project - have you seen in? After the first few episode it became one of my firm tv favourites - surpassing New Girl in fact. Very funny comedy and I like the fact that it's written by the female lead (and also jealous of someone with so much talent. Gah.)

    We don't have a TV aerial in our new place and have decided not to bother getting one - between Netflix, 4OD and BBC Iplayer we're sorted! Currently rewatching Dawson's Creek which is cringey but so good. We might give rewatching Buffy a go next - gotta love a strong female lead! We've also been watching the IT Crowd which I never watched first time round (for some reason I thought I hated it!) and I've really enjoyed it. Exactly the kind of easy, 30 minute comedy that's needed on a weekday evening!

    1. I never managed to get into The Mindy Project - although I only watched one episode so maybe I'll give it a second chance.

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    1. January is the worst - Strictly has ended and I feel the lack of Bake-Off all the more!

  5. You are a girl after my own heart when it comes to the gogglebox!