Monday, 11 November 2013

Day 11: Photo an hour

Choosing to take part in Janey's Photo An Hour challenge on one of the most quiet and boring Saturdays of the year was possibly not my smartest move.  I am still trying to relax and rid myself of this wretched jaw pain, and The Boy was away so I spent the whole day hanging out by myself (something I relish once in a while).

8.30am & 9.30am
I woke up stupidly early on Saturday morning (like, just after 7am early), and enjoyed a couple of hours snuggling in bed reading.

I finally got up and did the usual boring Saturday morning tasks (washing on, tidy the kitchen), then made some breakfast and sat and read The Guardian for a while.

Got dressed and made an attempt at a selfie.  My face...! This is why I don't take photographs of myself.

I headed out in the car to go to a few shops in Leicestershire, hunting for Christmas present ideas.

Measuring up a chest of drawers at Junk Monkey, which turned out to be too big for the space.

Home and time for a cuppa and a read of my new magazine.
I finished off a guest post for Daire's blog, about my top ten non-fiction books.

Time to start thinking about dinner, as the aubergine needed to be sliced and roasted ahead of time.

It was getting dark and gloomy, so the candles were lit and I sat down to read for a while.

Dinner ready - aubergine parmigiana with ciabatta and salad, yum.  While the vegan is away, I'm eating as many cheese-based dinners as possible!

Time for Strictly!

I really enjoyed the challenge of taking a photo an hour, even if I didn't get up to all that much worth photographing.  I think next time, I will use my real camera instead of just taking Instagram snaps on my phone.


  1. All the best days end in Strictly! Thanks for taking part :)

  2. Looks like a pretty fine day! Sometimes it's just nice to have a relaxing day :-) x

  3. Popping over from Janey's blog to check out your photo an hour.

    That food looks delicious! I love aubergine.

  4. My kind of day. I love you hair.

  5. I was skyping my parents during strictly!! Not the best time to get a conversation out of them - My dad is the WORST of all!

  6. Sometimes the most chilled days are the best days!