Monday, 13 August 2012

Music Monday: The Chemical Brothers

I was extremely happy to hear Galvanize being used repeatedly during the Olympic Opening Ceremony a few weeks ago.  Having already been travelling for a few weeks, it was a welcome reminder of home (I am so rubbish at being away for long periods of time: how on earth did I think I'd manage with a whole year in America?!).  It's one of those songs that has meant different things to me at different times, and rather neatly illustrates the way my leisure pursuits have changed over the years.  When it was released I spent many a happy night on sweat-soaked dancefloors that reverberated to it's beat.  A few years down the line, and it became my go-to gym track; perfect for when I needed an extra burst of energy to go the final mile on the cross trainer or treadmill.  Now it tends to be my accompaniment when I finally reach the limits of my tolerance with dust and do some cleaning. 

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