Thursday, 23 August 2012

Blogs I love: Sarah Rooftops

It's been a while since I did one of these posts, which isn't to say I haven't found any new blogs I love - I have, loads - but none have really inspired me to get writing.  Until... Sarah Rooftops.  I discovered Sarah's blog after we were both tagged in a books post by Laura at Make Do & Mend (or maybe Sarah tagged Laura and Laura tagged me... I dunno, and does it matter?  I will shut up now).   Sarah's blog appealed to me immediately, and the more I read it the more I love it.

"What's it about?" I hear you ask.  Well, it's about everything really.  Books and films and music, sometimes, but mostly lovely photographs of her hometown (Aberdeen) and Sarah's musings on a variety of subjects.  I love it because, unlike some of my other favourite blogs that present a very edited version of a 'perfect' life, Sarah seems to write about whatever comes to mind.  Erm, remind you of anyone?!  So where I will veer wildly from writing about homewares I like to an album review to discussing abortion rights, Sarah posts anything from pictures of her cats (which is totally not as sad as it sounds, and they are all labelled with the tag 'crazy cat lady', which makes me smile), to a wonderful piece in praise of the Mooncup, to her thoughts about the importance of taking risks. 

I also love her, "Why Don't You...?" series, which gives a weekly prompt or suggestion (e.g. "Why don't you do something you weren't allowed to do as a child").  I'm ashamed to say that I haven't yet tried any of them out, but they always make me think, and more often than not make me smile.  So if you haven't already discovered this lovely blog, then I suggest you have a read post haste.